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Costco vs Other PBMs
Low cost, Transparent fee-based pricing model
  • Costco’s high volume facilitates lower costs
  • The PMPM fee is our sole source of revenue
  • All rebates passed back to the plan
  • Any and all other source of revenue passed back to the plan
  • No spread (margin) added to our drugs. Acquisition cost based pricing
  Broad Network- 65,000 Pharmacies + 550 Costco Locations
  • Additional claim savings via higher utilization of lowest cost Costco pharmacies
  • Plan still retains control of network choice
  • Opportunity to integrate other Costco low cost alternatives such as vision, hearing and vaccinations
  • Clinical Services - access to professional staff and confidential counseling rooms

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  Costco Specialty Pharmacy
  • Costco lowest cost model
  • Unique and creative solutions to high cost specialty drug issues
  • Maximum use of specialty drug coupons where appropriate
  • High touch model develops more opportunities for savings

What people have to say:

We’ve moved our PBM business a number of times searching for a solution to rising pharmacy benefit costs. We selected CHS because we viewed them as a partner in managing our pharmacy benefit program. Their fully transparent approach is real, our financial results validate it.”
– Director of Benefits, West Coast employer
We are very thankful for Costco’s RX program and all the saving it has afforded our company. With the specialty savings added it has allowed us once again to offer stellar benefits to our employees. We have always known that Costco is a very reputable business but once again you have proven without a doubt you are the best!  Costco RX delivered as promised.

– HR Manager, Midwest employer
This has been by far the easiest implementation from any of the other PBM’s we work with this year. Account/Implementation team very organized and proactive on communication with call notes. Looking forward to working with Costco Health Solutions.
– Benefits broker
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Contact Information

Corporate Headquarters

999 Lake Drive
Issaquah, WA 98027

Mailing Address

P.O. Box 34718
Seattle, WA 98124

Pharmacy Reimbursement Questions

If you have concerns about reimbursement contact Costco Health Solutions at 1-877-908-6024 or email chsreimbursement@costco.com. Concerns or appeals of decision may be submitted within 90 days of notice of the issue, no particular form is required. initial appeal process is available for all prescription drugs or devices for which a pharmacy alleges it did not receive its actual cost


Please contact Costco Health Solutions Customer Care toll-free at the number listed on your pharmacy benefit member ID card.

TTY (toll-free): 1-877-908-6024
Hours: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Member Feedback

To provide any member feedback, please contact CHSMemberFeedback@costco.com.


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